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Aerospace Precision offers comprehensive repair and overhaul capabilities. Our overhaul program for aircraft components meets or exceeds the highest demands of OEM’s, and major U.S. and International carriers, while also maintaining very rapid turnaround times. We continue to be a leader and service provider to the aerospace industry with worldwide customized solutions.

To learn more about Aerospace Precision, take a tour of our website. Select our capabilities link; familiarize yourself with our various management programs, and view our accessory section for information on hydraulic or pneumatic components. For a complete catalog of tires or wheel and brake capabilities, choose the link, then view or print our listings.

By delivering high-quality work and fast turnaround, our overhaul program enables customers to save both time and money. Once a component is received for overhaul, each unit is carefully inspected. If all replacement parts are in stock, our turn time will not exceed 5 days. On components, which cannot be overhauled within acceptable tolerances, an exchange unit can be quickly provided, if required, to minimize customer downtime.


Component overhaul begins with a detail examination performed by our experienced technicians. This comprehensive inspection reveals any shipping damage, as well as abnormal wear to the rest of the components. The following is an extensive six-step process:

  • Inspect, clean and strip paint
  • Disassemble, fully inspect and clean all parts and sub assemblies
  • Apply appropriate non-destructive test procedures to check for hidden flaws or problems with structural integrity
  • Apply eddy current, dye penetrant and magnetic particle test procedures in accordance with manufacturers specifications
  • Reassemble, perform leak tests, pressure checks and mechanical function checks prior to final certification
  • Return to service tag with FAA 8130-3 and dual release EASA Form One certification.

All components are overhauled using our proprietary internal process that meets or exceeds original manufacturers specifications. We service any type of commercial, military, commuter, business or private aircraft and helicopters.

Production, Monitoring and Reporting

Aerospace Precision has a sophisticated computerized production monitoring system which allows immediate access to review the status of open jobs, as well as analyzing historical data and results. Our production monitoring and information management system is complimented by periodic reports tailored to our customersneeds.

Florida Operation: 2851 Evans Street, Hollywood, FL 33020-1119, U.S.A.
Tel: (954) 923-3213 | Fax: (954) 923-3223

Corporate: 34110 9th Avenue South, Federal Way, WA 98003-6710, U.S.A.
Tel: (253) 661-9600 | Fax: (253) 661-0350
Luchner Tool Engineering: tools@luchner.com
Aerospace Precision: repairs@aerospaceprecision.com

Copyright © 2018 Aerospace Precision, Inc. All Rights Reserved.



Copyright © 2018 Aerospace Precision, Inc. All Rights Reserved